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Potrivit unui email trimis de jamii, Tokio Hotel nu vor mai trimite mesaje prin VIPcall, pentru urmatoarea perioada, baietii urmarind finalizarea lucrului la noul album.

Mai multe detalii gasiti mai jos sau  AICI :


28.06.2012 – Twins About Paddle Tennis

Transcrip in engleza:

Billl: Hey you, It’s Bill and Tom, adn we just wanna let you know, we just came back from our second match, uh, paddle tennis.
Tom: yeah
Bill: Uh and its been amazing
Tom: and i won again! thank you very much
Bill: ah, he’s just lying..it’s not true. Like, he’s, he’s totally not that good,like
Tom: i am the best in that game.like in Golf, tennis.go cart, jet ski uh
Bill: yeah, he wish
Tom: football, baseball. I am the best, like in all
Bill: yeah ok, you can have that Tom (?)it’s fine, uh, whatever,so it’s been a lot of fun, you should try it all, paddle tennis.
Tom: yeah
Bill: um, yeah, who haven’t got to know about it yet, check it out in the internet,a dn yeah, we just played it,like during the day, in the sun, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s amazing, so yeah, check it out if you guys like it. Bye bye
Tom: bye

05.06.2012 – Georg’s Summer Message [ Transcript in engleza ]

08.06.2012 – Worst Thing That Can Happen During A Hotel Stay [ Transcript in engleza ]

10.06.2012 – The Best Movies Tom Has Seen Recently [ Transcript in engleza ]

11.06.2012 – Bill Talks About “If I Die Tomorrow”  Transcript in engleza ]

2012.06.15 – Tokio Hotel VipCall  [Transcript in engleza ]

 20.06.2012 – Georg’s First Golf Lesson

22.06.2012 – What They Like About Mornings [ Transcript in engleza ]

20.04.201 – Cooking
23.04.2012 – Happy Birthday Wishes
 04.05.2012 – Vacation    [ Transcript in engleza ]
 08.05.2012 – Tom’s Pasta [ Transcript in engleza ]
 17.05.2012 – Gustav Studio
18.05.2012 – Talking About Aerosmith  [ Transcript in engleza ]
25.05.2012 – Being Another Person [ Transcript in engleza ]
27.05.2012 – Eclipse [ Transcript in engleza ]
31.05.2012 – O Music Awards 2012 [Transcript in egleza ]

         01.06.2012 – If You Could Live Anywhere In The World…   [ Transcript in engleza ]



In primul rand piesa este acum disponibila pe iTunes (in Australia si Noua Zeelanda, cel putin). Piesa are 4:07 min si o puteti asculta  


+ Versurile:
“If I die toMOR-RO-OoW
That-That m-means we had the night of our life
If toMOR-RO-OoW never comes
Then-Then tonight we lose control
If I die toMOR-RO-OoW
Th-Th-That m-means we had the night of our life
If toMOR-RO-OoW never comes
Then-Then tonight we lose control
Shake that jello, this your jam (yeah)
This that flavor for your pants (ah)
Drop that top and bump that trunk
Hands up, let me see you dance
K-Kill that bottle, let’s get nice
Dead that clock, it’s bout that time (bang)
Pop that vial, last all night (yeah)
Hit that raw and don’t think twice
Say OW
Let me see you crank it back (a-ah)
Girl, go crazy (go go go)
If-If you got that super bad
Girl, Girl, man that’s crazy (crazy)
The way you throw that in my lap
Yeah, uh, you so crazy
And if ya ain’t got time to act
double time girl shake it fast”

Se pare ca vom avea si un video la ea, au confirmat cei de la Far East Movement, intr-un interviu cu CherryTree. Il puteti auzi   AICI  . Iar Street Team-ul TH din Franta i-a intrebat pe cei de la Far East Movement daca Bill va fi in video pt ‘If I Die Tomorrow’ si daca Bill va aparea in el, iar ei au pus ca e posibil.

De asemenea, albumul ‘Dirty Bass’ pe care va fi inculsa melodia “IF I DIE TOMOROOW”  va fi lansat, in afara S.U.A., pe 21 mai 2012, iar in S.U.A. pe 5 iunie 2012, anunta Cherry Tree Records:

Tracklist-ul albumului Dirty Bass:

Dirty Bass (featuring Tyga)
Live My Life (featuring Justin Bieber)
Where The Wild Things Are (featuring Crystal Kay)
Turn Up The Love (featuring Cover Drive)
Flossy (featuring My Name Is Kay)
If I Die Tomorrow (featuring Bill Kaulitz)
Ain’t Coming Down (featuring Sidney Samson & Matthew Koma)
Candy (featuring Pitbull)
Fly With U (featuring Cassie)
Show Me Love (featuring Alvaro)
Live My Life (featuring Justin Bieber & Redfoo)
Little Bird
Basshead (featuring YG)
Junior Caldera – Lights Out (Go Crazy) (featuring Natalia Kills & Far East Movement)

14.04.2012 – Bill and Tom about Coachella Festival
13.04.2012 – Easter Message From Bill
11.04.2012 – … If You Were Not A Musician
06.04.2012 – Reading Books
04.04.2012 – Greetings From Bill
30.03.2012 – Singing In The Shower

Iubiti, iartati, cum EL ne-a invatat! Credeti si uitati tot ce ati indurat. EL ne este lumina, caci EL ne-a creat. Sa nu uitam, numai EL ne-a salvat. HRISTOS A INVIAT!! Fie ca Lumina Sfanta a acestei mari sarbatori sa va calauzeasca pasii, sa va aduca sanatate si fericire care sa dainuie vesnic in preajma voastra! Va dorim din tot sufletul un Paste Fericit alaturi de cei dragi voua!!

Click HERE to vote!

27.03.2012 – Tom In The Studio